Tips for better phone macro photography

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One of the most interesting kind of photography is macro. You can see things, that our eyes can’t spot, closer and even microscopic. Mine experience in this category is not so big, almost two years. Taking macro pictures became more interesting than ever, and today I want to share my macro photography tips with you.


What you can do with macro add-on lenses.
1. Stop hands shaking. If you want to get the best shot, without blurying it, you’ll need to use something steady. For example I’m using iKlip Grip with remote shutter, I don’t need to press camera button on phone, so phone stands still and you can take great photo. If you don’t want to buy monopod you can use your earpods with its microphone button, just plug it in and you’re ready!

2. Use add-on lenses to get even closer. 10, 20 or 25 times closer is reachable with various add-on lenses. Previous, I used OlloClip Macro Pro Lenses, now, great company called Moment sent me some great stuff, and there was Moment Macro lenses. Check these wonderful results, that can be made with it.


Never forget your tripod for steady shot.
3. Focus on what you want to shot. When you finally see a very good object to shot first focus it. Sometimes phone focuses background or only one piece of object, so take a serious look to all the details.
4. Make more than one picture at the same time. Sometimes it seems that you’ll only need one good shot. But even when you’re ready to take a good shot, better take objects from various angles and try different focus angles.


Eye can look a little bit different, when you shot it with macro lenses.
5.  Is it good or is it bad? When you finally have good shots, make sure it can not be better. Try editing photo, adjust shadows, contrast and balance or just put some good Instagram filters on.

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