Three photo-editing apps you need to become #instafamous

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The most important step after shooting the picture is editing it, adjusting good filter, shadows and making good contrast in total. Today I want to show you, that there is not only VSCO in App Store and you can find even better apps to become the proffesional iPhonegrapher.

Good combo between HDR and right choosen filter.
Good combo between HDR and right choosen filter.

1. Top Camera 2 (Download it here)It’s one of the best photo/video editing on the market, which has various adjustments, it can also add HDR after the picture was taken. There are tons of filters, that can change camera game from the basics.

2. Moment (Download it here)Moment app uses gestures and taps for a better user experience and of course, better photos/videos. You can adjust live filters, focus, exposure and temperature on the go, interesting! Also, it’s compatible with Moment case and lenses, with this full bundle you’ll be pro indeed.

3. Moldiv (Download it here)You can not only edit photos, you can shoot proffesional looking selfies with Moldiv app. It can adjust filters, blur and change temperature automatically.

So, what is your opinion about these apps? Do you use it or maybe you use different app? Share it in the comments below!

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