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So it all started on Instagram as a few photos of nature, captured with my iPad Air, then it went to iPhone 6 Plus and now iPhone 7 Plus. As a blogger and kinda photographer (iphonegrapher more), it is very important to have something in your pocket, that takes fantastic pictures.

Today I want to talk about my iPhone 7 Plus experience and share my opinion with you.

It was a big deal when Apple annouced new iPhone with 2 cameras – telephoto and traditional, but a little bit improved. I was interested in it alread (as an iPhone fan and also as an iphonegrapher). So after a few months I’ve received my new iPhone 7 Plus and the first thing that I have turned (after activation, of course) was a camera. And I can’t lie, I was impressed. The base photos wasn’t very different in colors or saturation but it was more clear at night, the instant 2x zoom was great experience too. The portrait mode is just perfect. It’s crisp, takes camera-like photos and shows the main reason why this photo is the best I’ve had so far. Check this beauty (in the photo):

Even I look good with some help of filters, haha!
So, the portrait mode can also be used with objects, for example the products, you’re shooting or layed shot, only focused for one thing. Here’s the photo of Ambrio bands shot with my iPhone 7 Plus and its Portrait Mode.

I think you’ve got my point from the photos. You do not need fancy camera and a phone, all you need is iPhone 7 Plus, take great photos, write and share it with the whole world!

What do you think about this phone? Maybe you want it or you’re happy with yours?

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