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Remeber Moment macro lens? Today I want to review OlloClip’s macro lenses. This is a solid competitor for Moment products.

Lover's eye captured with OlloClip macro Pro
Lover’s eye captured with OlloClip macro Pro

OlloClip Macro Pro kit comes with 3 wearable pendants,cleaning cloth, Instafocus Hood and 7x, 14x, 21x lenses. As the packet of kit says it’s a pocket-sized microsope, because combined with iPhone’s digital zoom you can get nearly 100 closer than regular.

The secret of this clear edge-to-edge images is six element optics, this technology lets you shot stunning camera-worthy photos.

Macro lenses safe in wearable pendant.
Macro lenses safe in wearable pendant.

As other’s add-on gadgets, OlloClip lenses also has it’s own mobile app, that gives you filters, fixes lights and shadows, with app you can shot auto-focused and manual-focused on the go.
As I mentioned, InstaFocus hood is the small cap, that collects and diffuses light and facilitate focusing, so you can get more focused shots.

The most interesting part about OlloClip’s lenses is the mounting. Lenses clips on front and back cameras, you may have a question – ‘where is the 3rd one?’, well you can unscrew 14x lense and take picture with the 7x one, easy as that.

The price. OlloClip Macro Pro kit in company’s online store costs 69.99$ + 9.99$ shipping. In additional, you can buy OlloClip case, that will keep your phone safe, while you taking photos, but I suggest to wait for celebrating days (Christmas, Easter, Mother’s Day and etc.), because they’re doing some great discounts and also gives a free OlloClip case!

OlloClip lenses on iPhone6S.
OlloClip lenses on iPhone6S.

So, here’s my quick review:

  • Design: 8/10, needs to improve the lens attaching, iPhone’s 6 and 6 Plus cameras’ differences needs ‘adapters’.
  • Quality: 8/10, two times 14x lenses glass felt out, warranty exchanged.
  • Easy-to-use: 9/10, screwing from 14x to 7x sucks.

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