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You have jewerly or mobile case shop and you need to take proffesional products photos, but you don’t want to pay tons for photographer and the studio? LightCase will help you here, it is cheap solution for making good neautral background photos for small items.

Sun. (Shot with a6300)
LightCase became a thing, when it was fully funded in Kickstarter, and now you can order even bigger item photography studio, inside the easy-to-build construction.

Items photography studio comes in paper US sized letter with 3 additional backgrounds to work with – black, white and frost. Talking about construction of it, really easy to build and use, and there’s two ways to take pictures from the side and the hole in the top of LightCase.

As I mentioned, Dominic (the creator of LightCase) sent me original mini-studio, it costs around 39$, and the size of it is 12.2×11.5×8.5″. But if you want the Pro version, you can order it for 59$ and its size is 13.3×15.1×11.2″.

Lightcase with white background. (Shot with a6300)
And here’s my quick review:

  • Design: 10/10.
  • Quality: 8/10 – the backgrounds material attracts dusts and it is hard to clean, it also can be made out of stronger material.
  • Easy-to-use: 10/10.

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