Review: BitPlay SNAP! Pro

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There are many great iPhonegraphers that only uses their iPhone to shot photos, but you can improve it with various ways.
Today I’m gonna talk about professional camera case for iPhone 6 – BitPlay SNAP! Pro.


Made out of best quality materials.
The professional bundle comes with two different grips for better image stabilization. One grip is made out of natural wood and one, made out of plastic with tripod mount. Also there’s a little screwdriver, a button to slide into the case for a better a place for your thumb, leather strip and a fabric strip. Of course, with SNAP! Pro case you got wide angle and macro lenses and a bunch of instructions.
So you may ask “what’s the point of this case?”. Well, I’ve got your question and here’s the answer. As soon as you put your iPhone 6 in this case you’ll start to take professional photos, because there are physical shutter button, ergonomic grips, it’s tripod-compatible, you can add various lenses on it, it also has functional strap and enhanced thumb rest, as you can tell, it’s also a better protection.


Natural wood grip.
I tried to take some photos and the results are great! The physical shutter button does his work as its finest.

BitPlay SNAP! Pro case costs 129$ and there’s more lenses to buy, that starts from 25$.


Macro shot.

Here’s my quick review:

  • Design: 9/10
  • Protection: 10/10
  • Quality: 10/10
  • Easy-to-use: 10/10

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