We all know that feeling, when you need something new in your life. By something new, I mean new music. Every month I’ll share my newest jams in playlists, so you can fresh up your Spotify or YouTube playlists too. I’m also waiting some suggestions in the comments down below!

Every morning I’m watch myself in the miror and say “Today is gonna be a good day”, and it’s gonna be good no matter what – missing a bus, getting wet of the rain and it’s gonna be great even if I’m getting a flu after a cold rain shower. You know why? The answer is very easy, today I’ve choosen a good day. Not a bad day with full of bad emotions, but a GOOD day. And I’m choosing the same every day, maybe that’s why, when you’re asking “how are you?”, I’m smiling and saying “I’m good!”.

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So I was the lucky one, who got a chance to try these wonderful juices called Giraffe. This company is already one of the most innovative beverages manufacturers in the World, also they’re the only, who’s making not pasteurized smoothies in Lithuania and Nielsen said that Giraffe smoothies is one of the best you can get in Lithuania.

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