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interViewer is the new article series, where I’ll chat with various artists around the world, well-known and new bands. All of the articles you’ll be able to read on both English and Lithuanian languages.

Today I’d like to present the new Australian band called ‘Chymes’. Not ‘Chimes’ and not ‘The Chimes’. Band may be one of the best chill beats makers in the music industry. Their debut EP called ‘Grow’ will be out June 14th, and you can pre-order it already on iTunes. EP will also be available in Spotify and Apple Music on release day.

Chymes recently released their second song from debut EP - 'Clouds'
Chymes recently released their second song from debut EP – ‘Clouds’

So, guys, how did you got together as a band?
We met working on a solo project for Kiersten’s* but decided that we worked well together as writers so we formed Chymes!

What is the music style you’re playing and writing?
We write, create and perform electronic music. We love to play delicate, ambient sounds.

‘Chymes’. Are you not afraid your band will be assigned with ‘Chimes’, ‘The Chimes’, ‘Wynd Chymes’ or other band with similar name? How did you came with this name?
We’ve had a few people comment on the spelling of ‘Chymes’ but we think the way it looks is quite memorable so hopefully not too many people get it wrong!
When we were deciding on our name, we were going through Cameron’s* iTunes and saw that a ‘Friendly Fires’ song was called ‘Chimes’ and decided on that, but changed it to ‘Chymes’.

Which bands/artists are your inspiration?
The Hics, Ed Sheeran, Kllo, John Mayer, Ariana Grande, Moderat … We are inspired by many artists, every day!

They're not only talented, they're ultra-friendly!
They’re not only talented, they’re also ultra-friendly!

Maybe you’re planning ‘Chymes’ tour already?
We definitely dream about a world tour, but baby steps for now.

You’re kinda new band, but already have not a small group of fans. How can you describe ‘Chymes’ fans?
So far our fans are mainly just friends and family. And you!

If there was a chance to collaborate with any artist or band, what would you choose?There are so many people we would love to work with. Many famous producers and artists. However there’s another duo from Australia called Kllo that we admire so it would be awesome to collaborate with them! 

The band played their first ever gig on June 10th.
The band played their first ever gig on June 10th.


How do you see your band after 5 years?
In 5 years time we see Chymes being an internationally successful and well known band. We are working towards touring the world, performing at arena’s and stadiums and sharing our music on a large scale.

So, you’ve mentioned, that after 5 years you want to make a concert in arena’s and stadiums, what about now? Which of your gig were the biggest?
We had our first EVER gig on Friday June 10th and there was probably like 50 people there (mostly family and friends!) so that’s our biggest show, haha. 

Thanks Chymes, for being such an awesome band and letting me know more about your work. And as the music maniac, I suggest you to pre-order their debut EP ‘Grow’, because ‘Oracle’ and ‘Clouds’ is just magical.

Follow Chymes on Instagram and Facebook .
Listen to ‘Clouds’.

*Kiersten and Cameron – the ‘Chymes’ band members.

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