Interviewer: Anna Colette. From painter to singer.

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Today, on Interviewer rubric I’m happy to present you Anna Colette, singer and musician. She’s only 18 and as she describes herself, she’s pretty weird and wacky, but from this interview you can see that Anna is a beautiful and creative person.

When and how did you realised, that you need to share your voice, covers and originals with others on internet?

It wasn’t so much as me having a sudden realisation, It was a slow build up of confidence and personal belief that I lacked for a very long time until about age 15. I love filming videos and even more like making music, so to have such a positive reaction from people, made me realise that the thing I love most makes myself and others happy. So why not to put more of it out there ya’ know? As someone who spent most of my childhood being shy and fairly unnoticed achievement wise in school because I’m dyslexic, its actually nice to have the confidence to say “hey look, I’m pretty good at this!” and get such rewarding outcomes! Also, I feel artistic talents such as music and songwriting are things that many see as just entertainment and don’t take them seriously in a professional or academic sense, which is so so sad. Sharing my music and gaining an audience is the first step to proving this outlook to be wrong!

Anna Colette.

In your YouTube page we can see, that you’re singing not only covers, you have originals too. What inspires you the most for it?

I do, and I have so many more to put out soon! I’ve always said, that writing songs is like working out or losing weight and it is: the more you write and work at it, the better you get. Gotta work it like a muscle. But you don’t do it for no reason, you want to be better than you were before, and thats what inspires me to continue to write  -I want to better. I also have a lot of swirling thoughts and emotions, like everything I feel, I feel very strongly and that can be overwhelming, so I write music to get it out of my system. But all heart felt, soppy things aside, I really like it and its something I’m pretty good at, whilst also improving on every day! It’s like painting a pretty picture and seeing it relate and appeal to others, making them smile and feel happy. Who wouldn’t be inspired to create something that can do that. Also, I have many inspirational people that inspire me to write music.

Every artist hides something in their songs just for themselves. Do you have something metaphoric in your songs too? Maybe you can share the phrase or two with us?

Oh my goodness, yes! Most of them are aimed at people actually, haha! More specifically, people who have hurt me, like boys, lol. Every girl who writes songs must admit to writing some fairly self pitying heartbreak songs and I only have a few, but they come from the heart. Most recently, the song “To be Erased”, which is on my YouTube channel. This song touches on how easy it is for some people to want you one moment, then forget you the next, and despite the fact that it stings like hell, everything carries on and you have a little choice but to grow and carry on with it – because that’s just life. It’s tough. The lyrics “as the trees are growing backwards and the clocks all do the same, I can’t hear your name ’cause it hurts me every time” and “as my hair keeps growing longer, and my heart matures like wine”, I feel are the most representative of this message.

Anna Colette.

What artist inspires you the most?

I have so many but not all of them are signed, famous artists. Some of the best and most inspiring musicians I’ve ever met are people who simply do music for fun. But the likes of Michael Jackson and Paul Simon have been massive influencers in regards to my own music. Also, I also find myself comparing my own songs to Norah Jones and she’s someone who I’d love to work with.

Imagine that you can play only one song forever, what song it would be?

Uhm, probably ‘Don’t know why’ by Norah Jones.

What do you love to do beside singing?

I painted before I ever did music and when I was little that’s what I spent literally all my time doing. I never been somewhere without a pencil and paper, and I’ve been in trouble for drawing all over my school books and work sheets! I’m actually really into food illustration as well.

And for the end, tell us your TOP 3 favorite jams of 2016!

It would have to be “Heavy weather” by Billie Martin, “Brooklyn” by Fickle Friends and “Angela” by the Lumineers.

A big thank you goes to Anna for finding the time for this interview. Go and subscribe her YouTube channel, follow her on Instagram and Facebook!

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