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I’m pleased to present you the third artist in the Interviewer rubric, it is a young singer Benji Lewis. Dive in into our interview and listen to his new music, it’s great, love Benji’s song Drift!

So, Benji, when did you started making music? 
I have always sung, started to write more so from the age of around 16. But it wasn't until towards the end of 2014 that I began writing and recording with different producers, material that I have since released.

What is your biggest inspiration? 
When it comes to people in my life, my biggest inspiration and motivation would be my Mum, a piece of me is definitely doing this for her. To show her what I can do, to make her proud and to show her more of the world.

Which song you've created is most important to you? Why? 
This can be answered with two songs. 'Reach You Where You Are' is really important to me, because at the time I really needed to express those feelings of loss, loving and missing someone so much. And being able to get on the piano, create that song and sing it whenever I needed to get some of that emotion out, it really helped. 'Drift' is so special to me, because it is the song I am really proud of. As we (Max AKA Golden Vessel and I) were writing this one, I had a strong feeling that we were making something great. I am so happy with how it came about, and proud of it as a song as a whole: the lyrics, melodies, the feel and all the sounds.

How can you describe your music style? Which artists inspires you to create this kind of music?
I would describe my music style as chill, atmospheric pop. It's definitely got a bit of acoustic ballad to it as well. Some artists that inspire me are: gnash, Lapsley, Matt Corby and James Blake.  Still also loving what Joy is doing. While recently loving the sounds and what a few other artists are doing. Worth mentioning: Aquilo, Shoffy, Petit Biscuit.

Image that you're World's famous musician, where would you like to do a gig?
Since I love LA and being there. And I hear good things about this venue and artists performing there. I would say the 'Hollywood Bowl' and it would be a sold out show.

What do you do when there's no ideas in your head, what to create, what to sing, in other words - how to fight artist block? 
For me I let writing flow naturally. The lyrics, and melodies usually just come to me from feeling and listening to the music. It brings out feelings, thoughts and experiences to mind and I let that come out. I do then go back over the words and melodies as I go, refining by going through different options. I definitely prefer honest writing, I want it to mean something. You can't force that. So when collaborating or writing my own material with producers the music has to do that for me. If it doesn't, we move on.

And like every artist in the Interviewer series, share yours TOP 3 jams!
Well this is always changing and depends on the time, day and place you know. But here are a few that I keep going back to and listening to day to day at the moment.
Shoffy - Different Skies
London Topaz - Let You Go ft. JANEVA
Aquilo - Almost Over
A big thanks goes to Benji and his manager Jez!
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