If you’re a fan of Coca Cola, don’t read this

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So I was the lucky one, who got a chance to try these wonderful juices called Giraffe. This company is already one of the most innovative beverages manufacturers in the World, also they’re the only, who’s making not pasteurized smoothies in Lithuania and Nielsen said that Giraffe smoothies is one of the best you can get in Lithuania.

Veggie Yellow - fantastic!
Veggie Yellow – fantastic!

Giraffe Smoothies. It’s without preservatives only fresh fruits, it tastes great, has got wonderful smell and you can choose smoothies as a healthy snack for a lunch or breakfast.

Giraffe fresh juice. It tastes great too and you can choose from fresh pineapple, berry, exotic fruits or orange juices. Same as Giraffe smoothies it has zero preservatives only fruits!

Giraffe Raw. Tastes as good as it sounds, trust me. These smoothies with vegetables have been pressed by slow-way method. I’ve tried Veggie Yellow with carrots, parsnips (wow, right?!), mango fruit, apple, pear, banana and watermelon and I’m in love with this combination. Also, you can choose from Veggie Green, Veggie Red and if you’re more classy, you can pick coconut water.

In the summary, we’ve finally got our own Lithuanian vitamins bombs in bottles, which we can carry in our works, schools or camping trips. Bravo, Giraffe!

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