How to charge your iPhone wirelessly

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Most of Android phones already have got wireless charging function, but Apple haven’t included this function in none of their iPhones so far. But that’s not a problem, you can charge your device wirelessly using two simple gadgets from company called GMYLE.

Picture by BegginersTech @ YouTube.
Picture by BegginersTech @ YouTube.

First thing, that you’ll need to get charged your device is Qi receiver module, which receives energy by pad and gived juice to your iPhone by lightning cable. I’ve choosen this module from GMYLE.

After getting Qi receiver is charging pad and here you can choose various charging pads, from wood to marble and clear plastic, every of have the same charging ability, the only thing that is different is size and thickness. Guys from GMYLE, have sent me this pad, which I am happy with, but it doesn’t charges my iPhone as fast as just lightning cable, however, it can charge your iDevice overnight fully.

Photo by
Photo by

So, as you understand, it’s not easy to charge your iPhone wireless as Android phone, but you can definately do it and it is fully possible.

Huge shoutout to GMYLE, who have sent me wireless charging kit for my iPhone, thanks! 

How about you, do you like to charge your phone wirelessly or you do it old and simple way – by cable, let me know it in the comments bellow!

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