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You know that struggle when you look fabulous, but there’s no one around you, who can take a perfect photo? Well, forget those times, because this button helps you to do more with just one click.

Flic button is available in four colors!
Flic button is available in four colors!
Take a selfie. It’s more easier to take a selfie, which would get you a thousand likes, because with just one Flic click you can shot as many selfies as you want!

Lost your phone? Nope. Not anymore, just set ‘Find My Phone’ setting in your smart button app, press he button and it will buzz, ring or alert whenever you’ll fell, that your phone is somewhere under that dirty laundry.

Smarter in smart house. Do you have smart lights in your house? Well yes, you can control them with just one click. Set them to light up at brightest or to bright down with sleeping mode.

Ready, set, GO! Of course it can be your music assistant. Set your Apple Music, Spotify or default music player, one/two or long press clicks and you can run or jog with your favorite playlist. Skip, pause or resume your music with Flic button in your pocket. Also, you can start or stop your running training with Runkeeper and Flic, they’re great together!

Don’t stress, you have it. You were cooking bacon pancakes and accidentally set your kitchen on fire? Calm down, you can activate distress signal with just one Flic click and send alert messages to firefighters (or your mom, because she knows what to do, obviously) with your GPS location, it will arrive fast and you can end your cooking (for centuries).

No more ‘Sorry boss for being late’. You can set your alarm and snooze it with a click, it’s easy. But don’t use snooze, wake up you little sloth!

Games? Hell yes! Yes, you read it right, you can set games in your smart button. Well, not Minecraft or something, but you can easily play Flappy Flic or Flic Flyer and if you’re more like ‘I have friends’, you can count who’s faster clicker.

More Flic, less Siri. Or not. You can set your button to open your favorite Safari web page or you can do more like iPhone, press for Siri, it’s handy both ways.

Tick tock… Your cake is ready to get out of the oven or your calories is ready to be burned. Add timer or stopwatch for your smart kitchen or gym and you’re good to go.

I think that’s all your smart Flic button can do. Oh, wait, there’s ton of commands, that can be set to be clicked, it’s just a few of them. Go and try em’ all with your new Flic and Flic App available for both – iOS and Android devices.

And if you don’t have smartest World’s button yet, you can get it with 20% off with this back to school deal on their website.

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