Finally, finally, finally, Oh Wonder released new music, and it is ultra great, because it’s called ‘Ultralife’. Everyday on repeat, but still love it. And today is not only about Oh Wonder, there are also 9 new and well known songs, listen to it and let me know who’s your favorites.

Also, I can tell you a little secret, but promise me, that this will be only between us. One of those artists will be in the ‘Interviewer’ rubric, so get ready.

And it came, the third month of the winter. Today I want to share my January – February jams, I hope you like it, because it has various artists, great videos and some chill(y) tunes.

We all know that feeling, when you need something new in your life. By something new, I mean new music. Every month I’ll share my newest jams in playlists, so you can fresh up your Spotify or YouTube playlists too. I’m also waiting some suggestions in the comments down below!