I’m a big mobile lenses lover, as you can tell. So today I’m very happy to review the Aukey Ultra Wide lenses, which I’ve got from Orange Passion shop, a big thanks goes to you, guys!

This, wide lenses has got 6 constructed elements and it attaches easily on any smartphone or tablet by the help of the plastic clip. Let’s dive in into the specs and tests!

Love the quality of this product.

So this is a budget phone accessory fits well for travelers or just iPhonegraphers, that’s why I’ve choosen this product for a reviewing. Basically what Aukey’s lenses does is it takes ultra wide, not just wide, shots. It captures almost panoramic photo, with more than 238 degrees, this is very handy when you have to take a picture of your friends, take a photo of the big event or just a nice nature shot.

The quality of these lenses is ok. I mean, it doesn’t beats Moment’s Wide lenses, which I’ve tested and reviewer earlier on my old blog, but it takes nice and crisp photos.

You can shot panoramas with these lenses and get up to 700 degrees pictures or you can just put it on and take fast wide photos.

About the quality of the photos – first, it is hard to take it on the iPhone 7 Plus, because it has two cameras, but when you finally put it, you can shot it. The rainbow around the corners doesn’t looks nice and the 6 elements lenses takes a little bit pixely photos, but all in all, you can enjoy an ultra wide photo, here’s what I’ve captured:

Here’s my short review for you:

+ Takes ultra wide photos, so you can shot it all at once.
+ Doesn’t changes colors of the pic.
+ Easy clip-on.

– There are rainbows around the corners of the pic.
– Ruins photo quality.
– The clip-on is hard to adjust on some cameras.

Resume: you can buy it, because it’s a step up for your phone camera, but Aukey could improve it.

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Finally, finally, finally, Oh Wonder released new music, and it is ultra great, because it’s called ‘Ultralife’. Everyday on repeat, but still love it. And today is not only about Oh Wonder, there are also 9 new and well known songs, listen to it and let me know who’s your favorites.

Also, I can tell you a little secret, but promise me, that this will be only between us. One of those artists will be in the ‘Interviewer’ rubric, so get ready.

When all of the iPhone`s dual camera users were thinking, that they won’t get any of the photography gadgets, BitPlay showed that it is possible to get into this difficult double cameras technology.

I’ve got a chance to test BitPlay`s fisheye + macro, Circular Polarizer Lens Filters and the new HD Wide Angle lens. Also, I’ve tested everything on my new iPhone 7 Plus BitPlay Snap! case. So let’s get deep into the testing!

Fisheye + Macro lenses. So this is double lenses, if you’re using it without unscrewing, you’ll get fisheye effect, if you unscrew the top of the lenses, you’ll get my loved macro effect. These lenses got two caps and one soft lens bag. With fisheye lenses, you can take pictures with disortion similar to what you can see through a door’s peephole and with the macro you can take photos from extra close range. Here’s what I’ve got:

HD Wide Angle Lens.  So these lenses came with its own lens hood, two lenses caps and a soft lens bag. Basically, what these 99$ lenses do – take wider photos. Here’s a shot for Vilnius Book Fair ’17:

CPL Polarizer Filter lens. This add-on lense let’s you control lights indoor and outdoor. With this filter you can easily adjust light to take great picture, also this helps if you’re taking photo through the glass, this filter helps you to remoce the window reflection. Rotate the ring, that is around the CPL lenses and get the picture you want.

Different shadows as I rotate the lense.
Review. So, this is the new take on iPhonegraphy  for 7 Plus gadgets. I’ve tested these lenses for around a month, BitPlay’s products has pros and cons.


  • Easy attachment let’s you take great photos fast.
  • Cheaper than other companies’ products for iPhone 7 Pluses.
  • Durable and light at the same time.
  • Has got great packages and includes hoods, bags.


  • With lenses, the image quality becomes worse than without it.
  • After taking photos, you can see color spectre around the corners of the pic.

So, after testing it, I can say, that I’ll use it, but until the better lenses at the same price will come out.

What do you think? Let me know in the comments!

And it came, the third month of the winter. Today I want to share my January – February jams, I hope you like it, because it has various artists, great videos and some chill(y) tunes.