The best phone to shoot photos with

So it all started on Instagram as a few photos of nature, captured with my iPad Air, then it went to iPhone 6 Plus and now iPhone 7 Plus. As a blogger and kinda photographer (iphonegrapher more), it is very important to have something in

AUKEY Ultra Wide lenses from Orange Passion shop

I’m a big mobile lenses lover, as you can tell. So today I’m very happy to review the Aukey Ultra Wide lenses, which I’ve got from Orange Passion shop, a big thanks goes to you, guys! This, wide lenses has got 6 constructed elements and

April music favorites

Finally, finally, finally, Oh Wonder released new music, and it is ultra great, because it’s called ‘Ultralife’. Everyday on repeat, but still love it. And today is not only about Oh Wonder, there are also 9 new and well known songs, listen to it and

New BitPlay’s products for iPhone 7 & 7 Plus

When all of the iPhone`s dual camera users were thinking, that they won’t get any of the photography gadgets, BitPlay showed that it is possible to get into this difficult double cameras technology. I’ve got a chance to test BitPlay`s fisheye + macro, Circular Polarizer

Outift: Aux Privé

This article is a little bit unusual, because it is a haul post, but I hope you like it and if you will, I’ll do more like this.

February music favorites

And it came, the third month of the winter. Today I want to share my January – February jams, I hope you like it, because it has various artists, great videos and some chill(y) tunes.